The UNTCI Ministry Association Records Department prayerfully strives to serve our Membership with integrity and excellence.  Association Vice-President Lynette Fifer is our Director, and she and her team are always there to lend a helping hand. We’re blessed to have you as a Member!

Join, Renew or Upgrade Your Personal Membership

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The greatest honor and privilege of our lives is to serve you as you follow God’s calling on your life.  Whether it’s a more traditional concept of ministry, or a whole new vision for outreach and service, we welcome you to the worldwide family of UNTCI!

Become an Affiliated Campus

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Affiliating your existing ministry with the UNTCI Ministry Association is a freeing decision! We are a fellowship of Bible-believing Christian ministries, voluntarily connected worldwide. We honor the autonomy of the local church, yet we are one in Christ.  We’re in this together!

Update Your Official Ministry Record

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Hey, Life Happens… and Praise God for that!  Have you been blessed with a marriage, a move or some other event that changes your contact information?  It’s so easy to update your Official Ministry Record without having to pick up the phone! Make sure you’re logged in & you can take care of all of that right here.

Establish Your Monthly Giving

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We are a 100% volunteer organization.  No salaries are paid to anyone for any of the work you see here. We rely 100% on regular giving from our Members to things moving along smoothly. If you value your Ministry Association and want to keep it running strong well into the future, please make sure to establish regular monthly giving today!

Complete Your Annual Ministerial Background Check

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If you are an Ordained Minister or an Ordination Candidate, we must have a cleared Background Check or Waiver on file for you at all times, renewable annually. This is an important step in our Ordination Process to instill confidence in those we serve together.  You can click here to take care of that right now.